Privacy policy
  1. Who we are
  2. Unfiltered, along with its affiliate entities ("Unfiltered Life", "we", "us", "our"), prioritize your privacy and are devoted to safeguarding the personal data we handle concerning you. Unfiltered functions as a social platform that facilitates: (i) "Creators" to distribute and generate revenue from their unique content (in addition to subscribing to and observing the materials produced by fellow Creators); and (ii) "Users" to subscribe to and engage with the content presented by Creators.

  3. About this Policy
  4. This privacy guideline ("Policy") delineates our approaches concerning the handling of personal data pertaining to our Creators and Users. Different sections of this Policy are distinctly targeted towards either Creators or Users. It extends to the processing of personal data of individuals who are depicted in the content shared by a Creator, as well as the data handled within the scope of our business engagements.

    Your personal data undergoes processing when you access our website at ("Website") and avail of the various services we offer intermittently via our Website. This processing also happens when you engage with us on our profiles on social media platforms hosted on external websites (such as X and Instagram), or through other means. These various interactions are collectively referred to as the "Services" throughout this Policy.

    Our role is that of a "data controller" with regard to the personal data processed during the provision of the Services, implying that we dictate the purposes and methods of handling your personal data.

    We encourage you to scrutinize this Policy to gain insights into our personal data handling protocols associated with the Services. Utilizing our Services indicates your acknowledgement and comprehension of the contents of this Policy.

    For any inquiries about this Policy or our data processing actions, kindly refer to Section 19 (help and contact details) for guidance on reaching out to us.

  5. Definition of Personal Data
  6. The term "personal data" refers to any information that can reasonably be connected with an identifiable individual or household, either directly or indirectly.

    We may also collect data which does not facilitate your identification or isn't connected or aligned with your profile, such as data that has been deidentified, aggregated, or anonymised. This category of data does not qualify as personal data, and its utilization is not governed by this Policy.

  7. Informing us of changes
  8. Maintaining the correctness and timeliness of the personal data we have about you is vital. We urge you to notify us of any changes to your personal data during your association with us. Modifications or rectifications can be carried out via the account settings on our Website.

  9. Scope of this Policy (18+)
  10. This Policy is furnished as supplementary information and does not substitute our Terms of Service (incorporating our Acceptable Use Policy) that directs your use of our Website and the Services. The Services we offer are exclusively meant for individuals who are 18 years or older. Individuals below 18 are prohibited from using the Services. Your use of the Services represents your confirmation of being 18 or older.

  11. Links to External Entities
  12. Our Website might feature links leading to websites, plugins, and applications operated by third parties. Interacting with these links or activating these connections may facilitate third parties in gathering or disseminating your personal data.

    We hold no liability for, and this Policy does not encompass, the privacy, security, or content policies of those external websites, plugins, or applications. We advise you to examine the privacy and cookie statements of these third parties to understand the potential use of your personal data.

  13. Opting out of Providing Personal Data
  14. To grant you access to the Services or specific attributes and functionalities of the Services as per our agreement with you (i.e., our Terms of Service), we need to collect certain personal data from you. We are also mandated to process specific personal data in line with prevailing laws. We'd like to emphasize that your reluctance to provide personal data upon request might hinder our ability to offer you access to the Services or certain features and functionalities thereof.

  15. Modifications to this Policy
  16. From time to time, we might make alterations to this Policy. Any such modifications will become effective when we upload the updated Policy onto our Website.

  17. Types of Personal Data We Handle
  18. We or our designated third-party agents process various categories of personal information pertaining to both Creators and Users. This data is categorized as follows:
    User Data
    • full name
    • alias, if applicable
    • residential address
    • country of residence
    • email address
    • phone number
    • a copy of the government identity document that you provide to us
    • third-party social media handle / personal website address (used to further verify your age and identity and to help us better understand the content which you are likely to share on our Website)
    • full name
    • alias, if applicable
    • email address
    • phone number
    • country of residence
    Account Data
    • profile name
    • password
    • avatars and headers of your Creator account
    • your subscriptions, subscribers, followers and followings
    • posts that you have made to your Creator account
    • comments on posts made from your Creator account
    • chat messages between you and other users
    • customer support queries that you submit to us
    • profile name
    • password
    • avatars and headers of your User account
    • your subscriptions and followings
    • comments on posts made from your User account
    • chat messages between you and other users
    • customer support queries that you submit to us
    Financial Data
    • payment card details*
    • billing address
    • bank account information
    • pay-out country
    • payment card details*
    • billing address
    * Please note: All payments to access Creator content are managed by our external payment facilitators. Your entire payment card details, including the expiry date and security code, are not accessible to us. The payment handler furnishes us with a “token” symbolizing your account, the type of your payment card, its expiry date, and a partial display of your payment card number.
    Transaction Data
    • earnings
    • pay-out requests
    • payments made to your Creator account
    • payments made from your Creator account to other Creators
    • any failed payments
    • payments made from your User account to Creators
    • any failed payments
    Technical Data
    Creators and Users
    Internet or other electronic network activity information, including:
    • internet protocol (IP) address (and associated location data)
    • Internet Service Provider (ISP)
    • device and type
    • name and version of browser
    Usage Data
    Creators and Users
    Our website employs cookies for essential functionalities (enabling smooth navigation and access to specific website sections) and, with your agreement, for:
    • enhancing website performance (for instance, evaluating user engagement with the website to refine the Services)
    • enhancing website functionalities (like maintaining your login status)
    Further details on our cookie usage, including procedures for cookie deletion or blocking, are accessible in our Cookie Notice. Occasionally, data obtained from cookies may be processed in a deidentified, collective, or anonymized format.
  19. Initial Setup Procedures
  20. Creators
    To establish a trustworthy environment, we implement several steps to ensure Creators on our Website are at least 18 years old and can verify their identities. Before initiating a Creator account, the following steps will be taken:
    • Gathering the necessary Creator User Data as delineated in Section 9, pertaining to personal data categories.
    • Verifying your residential country to ascertain lawful utilization of our Website and Services.
    • Collecting Financial Data, mentioned in Section 9, to facilitate Creator payments and earnings accessibility through the Website, serving both as a verification tool and a safeguard against fraud.
    To maintain a safe user space, we employ mechanisms to verify that all Users are at least 18 years old and ascertain the identity of Users in certain areas. To open a User account, we will:
    • Accumulate User Data as specified in Section 9, covering personal data categories.
    • Confirm your residential country to guarantee legal access to the Website and its Services.
    • Obtain Financial Data, as detailed in Section 9, enabling Users to remunerate Creators, while also serving as an anti-fraud measure.
  21. Usage and Legal Foundations for Data Processing
  22. We operate on one or more of the subsequent legal bases while handling personal data:
    • Contract Fulfillment: Processing personal data is requisite for adhering to the contract established through the Terms of Service, encompassing transaction facilitation and Creator earnings management, and enforcing the contract's terms.
    • Legitimate Interests: Data processing may occur if it serves the interest of us or a third party, including instances such as defending a Creator's intellectual property rights.
    • Legal Compliance: Our global operations necessitate adherence to local laws and regulations, which may involve personal data processing.
    • Public Interest Tasks: Certain tasks executed in the public interest may require personal data processing, like reporting unlawful activities to appropriate authorities or organizations.
    Data utilization is confined to the original collection purposes, unless an auxiliary purpose, compatible with the initial reason, emerges
  23. Personal Data Dissemination
  24. Personal data is procured from the following sources:
    • Direct Sources: Directly from you when you register an account, update account details, or interact with us, covering User Data and Account Data.
    • Indirect Sources: Through your interactions with our Services, encapsulating Transaction Data, Technical Data, and Usage Data.
    • Service Providers: At times, we gather Third-Party Onboarding Data and some Technical Data from external age and identity verification providers, within the bounds of the law.
  25. Sharing your personal data
  26. Personal data is shared with several third-party categories, including:
    • Service Providers: IT professionals, payment handlers, customer assistance, content moderators, and identity verification agencies, assisting in maintaining business functionality.
    • Professional Consultants: Legal counsels, financial institutions, auditors, consultants, and insurance providers offer essential services by processing personal data.
    • Corporate Entities: During potential business modifications or restructuring, relevant entities may access personal data, serving both our and their legitimate interests.
    • Affiliate Companies: Facilitating centralized business management through data processing as described in this Policy, aligning with our business coordination efforts.
    • Governmental & Non-governmental Organizations: To comply with legal mandates or serve broader public interests, personal data might be shared with certain authorities, regulators, and organizations, assisting in maintaining user and public safety.
    These sections maintain the terminology while presenting the information in a newly structured and paraphrased manner.
  27. International data transfers
  28. The company shares personal data within its group and third parties, sometimes transferring data outside of the UK, the EEA, and Switzerland. These transfers are made in compliance with legal standards, safeguarding measures, or as permitted by law.

  29. Your rights regarding personal data
  30. Individuals have specific rights concerning their personal data, which can be exercised by contacting the company. These rights include withdrawing consent, accessing, correcting, or deleting their data, restricting processing, and data transfer. Individuals can also object to data processing based on legitimate interests and lodge complaints with data protection regulators.

  31. Exercising your rights
  32. To exercise the rights mentioned in section 15, individuals can contact the company providing sufficient information for identity verification. Third parties authorized by individuals to submit requests must provide proof of authorization.

  33. Choices and control over your personal data
  34. Users can modify or delete their personal data through their account settings on the website. Direct email notifications can be opted out of, except for essential service or legally required notifications.

  35. Retention of personal data
  36. Personal data is retained as long as necessary to fulfill its collection purposes, generally up to 6 months after account deletion or deactivation. Specific legal requirements or circumstances might dictate shorter or longer retention periods.

  37. Assistance and contact information
  38. The company has appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO) and a team to address questions, requests, and concerns about this policy and personal data usage. They can be contacted at