Terms of use
Terms of use for all Users and Creators

By using our website you agree to these terms – please read them carefully

  1. Introduction: These Terms of Use for all Users and Creators govern your use of Unfiltered and your agreement with us.
  2. Interpretation: The terms in this contract are defined as follows:
    1. "Unfiltered" refers to the online platform accessible through www.unfiltered.life or any web browser;
    2. references to "we", "our", "us" are references to Unfiltered;
    3. "Content" encompasses materials uploaded to Unfiltered by any user or creator, inclusive of photographs, videos, audio recordings, livestream material, text (like comments and hashtags), metadata, visuals, interactive elements, emojis, GIFs, memes, and other forms of content;
    4. "Creator" refers to an individual who operates a Creator account on Unfiltered to share content viewable by other users and creators. Creators can follow and view content from other creators;
    5. "User" is someone who follows a Creator and has access to the Creator's content;
    6. “Consumer” refers to any User or Creator who follows a Creator and can access the Creator's content;
    7. “Consumer Transaction” signifies any financial interaction between a Consumer and a Creator on Unfiltered, granting access to the Creator’s content through various means such as subscriptions, pay-per-view content, and utilizing fan interaction features on a Creator's account;
    8. “Consumer Payment” embodies all financial transactions made by a Consumer pertaining to any Consumer Transaction, and all gratuities;
    9. "Standard Contract between Consumer and Creator" refers to the guiding terms that oversee each Consumer Transaction, further details of which can be found [here].
    10. "Subscription" refers to the contractual agreement of a Consumer to follow a Creator's account;
    11. "Terms of Service" (alternatively known as "your agreement with us") symbolizes the legally enforceable contract between you and us, constituted by: these User and Creator Usage Guidelines, Terms of Use for Users, Terms of Use for Creators, Privacy Policy, Acceptable Use Policy, Complaints Policy, and Platform to Business Regulation Terms.
  3. For inquiries regarding Unfiltered, kindly reach out to our support team via email at support@unfiltered.life.
  4. Modifications to the Terms of Service: We reserve the right to amend any segment of the Terms of Service without prior notification under the following conditions:
    1. To accommodate alterations in legal and regulatory stipulations that pertain to Unfiltered and its variety of services, features, and programs. Particularly when such amendments necessitate alterations in our terms and conditions in a manner that precludes us from providing you with ample notice.
    2. To mitigate unforeseeable and imminent threats that pertain to safeguarding Unfiltered, Users or Creators against fraudulent activities, malware, spam, data compromises, or other cybersecurity threats.
    Furthermore, we hold the authority to introduce other modifications to any segment of the Terms of Service. We commit to furnishing you with reasonable notice of such amendments through email. Should you wish to terminate your agreement with us before the implementation of these changes, feel free to get in touch with us. It's essential to note that upon the activation of the revised Terms of Service, your continued engagement with Unfiltered implies your acceptance of and compliance with the updated terms.
  5. Adjustments, Suspension, or Withdrawal of Unfiltered: We reserve the right to modify, pause, or terminate Unfiltered at any time for various reasons, including but not limited to adapting to the alterations in our services, the needs of Users and Creators, our business strategies, or to augment performance, bolster functionality, or tackle security issues. While we aim to provide you with reasonable notice of significant alterations, we cannot guarantee uninterrupted availability or accessibility of Unfiltered or any Content therein. For business or operational reasons, we might limit, suspend, or withdraw the entirety or portions of Unfiltered. We endeavor to notify you reasonably in advance of any such occurrences if they affect you.
  6. Creating an Account with Unfiltered: To avail the services of Unfiltered, you need to initially register and establish either a User or Creator account on Unfiltered. The registration necessitates a valid email address, a username, and a unique password or authentication through a valid Google account. Ensure your chosen password is distinctive (distinct from those utilized on other websites) and conforms to Unfiltered’s technical specifications regarding password formation. The criteria to register as a User or Creator are as follows:
    1. You must be at least 18 years of age, a detail that you will need to validate.
    2. If your residing country or state/province’s laws stipulate that you can only enter into a legal contract with us at an age exceeding 18 years, then you must meet that age requirement to legally engage in a contract with us, per the jurisdiction where you reside.
    3. Your location's governing laws should authorize you to register on Unfiltered, allowing you to access the available Content and utilize the functionalities it offers.
    4. As required, you should furnish additional information or verification documents.
    Failing to meet the above stipulations restricts you from accessing or utilizing Unfiltered.
  7. Your Obligations Towards Us:Upon registering and utilizing Unfiltered, you adhere to the following responsibilities towards us:
    1. You affirm that if you had a previous account with Unfiltered, it was not suspended or terminated by us due to a breach of any terms or policies we have set forth.
    2. You pledge to provide information that is honest, precise, and comprehensive at all times.
    3. You are committed to promptly updating any details you have shared with us whenever there are changes.
    4. You consent to receiving electronic communications from us, encompassing emails and messages sent to your Unfiltered account, and agree to the management of your personal data as elucidated in our Privacy Policy.
    5. You vow to maintain the confidentiality and security of your account/login details, including usernames, passwords, and any other data related to our security protocols. You agree not to divulge these details to anyone else. In case of any unauthorized use of your account or any other security breach, you will swiftly notify us at support@unfiltered.life. Moreover, you will ensure to log out from your account after each session, especially when using a public or shared computer to prevent others from viewing or recording your password or other personal data.
    6. You acknowledge that you are accountable for all activities occurring under your account, including instances where someone else accesses your account in violation of the Terms of Service.
    7. You agree to fully abide by these Terms of Use applicable to all Users and Creators, our Acceptable Use Policy, and all other segments of the Terms of Service pertinent to your use of Unfiltered.
  8. Our Rights, Including Actions on Your Account:
    1. We retain the discretion, but not the obligation, to monitor or scrutinize any of your Content for adherence to the Terms of Service, including notably our Acceptable Use Policy, and any other relevant laws.
    2. Our procedure involves temporarily withholding access to any content you upload to Unfiltered, which we perceive may contravene the Terms of Service or any prevailing law, while we undertake an investigation into the presumed violation or illegality of such content. If we limit access to any of your content, you have the privilege to appeal our decision by reaching out to us at support@unfiltered.life. In the aftermath of our probe, we might initiate any action deemed suitable, including restoring access to the content or permanently disabling access without requiring your consent or prior notification. You consent to furnish us with all reasonable assistance, at your expense, during our investigation. We shall not be held accountable for any losses you incur due to the implementation of measures in genuine belief to investigate any suspected violations or unlawful conduct regarding your content under this clause.
    3. In case we restrict or eliminate any of your Content, we will inform you through email or a message to your Unfiltered account, albeit without a mandatory requirement for prior notice.
    4. We retain the sole discretion to terminate your contract with us and revoke your access to Unfiltered for any reason, offering a 30-day notice via email. Additionally, we may abruptly suspend your User or Creator account or terminate your contract without prior notification if:
      1. We believe you have breached, or threaten to breach any segment of the Terms of Service, either gravely or recurrently, in a manner that poses or could pose serious ramifications for us or another User or Creator;
      2. Your actions, in our view, have or are likely to result in loss or damage to our reputation.
      If we impose restrictions on your User or Creator account or terminate your contract, we will communicate this to you. During any suspension period, any Consumer Payments due will be deferred, and we reserve the right to retain any portion of the Creator Earnings owed but not yet disbursed to you as per section 13 of the Terms of Use for Creators.
    5. Upon account termination, we have the authority to manage your content in any manner deemed appropriate per our Privacy Policy, including deletion, and you will forfeit the right to access your content. Unfiltered does not provide technical capabilities for retrieving content post-account termination.
    6. We reserve the right to:
      1. Investigate any reported or apparent misuse, abuse, or unlawful utilization of Unfiltered, collaborating with law enforcement authorities in such investigations.
      2. Disclose any information or records in our possession regarding your usage of Unfiltered to law enforcement entities for the investigation of suspected or confirmed illegal activities, to safeguard our rights or legal positions, or in compliance with legal procedures.
      3. Alter the third-party payment processors utilized to facilitate payments on Unfiltered. We will notify you about such changes and update pertinent details on your Unfiltered account accordingly.
    7. Except for content, which is either owned by or licensed to creators, we and/or our licensors possess all rights to Unfiltered, encompassing its complete content, features, databases, source code, and functionalities. These materials are safeguarded by copyright, potentially alongside trademark, trade secret, and other intellectual property laws.
    8. We are the sole proprietors of all anonymized data stemming from your use of Unfiltered, and we can utilize this data for any purpose, including commercial endeavors, development, and research.
  9. Disclaimer of Our Liabilities: While we strive to deliver Unfiltered with a reasonable degree of care and expertise, we are not liable for several aspects outlined below:
    1. Content Approval: We do not endorse or approve the content on Unfiltered; opinions expressed by users or creators are their own and not necessarily reflective of our stance.
    2. Rights to Content: We do not confer any rights to the content on you; rights, if any, are granted by the creators.
    3. Content Identification: We are not liable if you are identified through your content, even though we might occasionally offer geolocation technologies, the accuracy or efficacy of which we cannot guarantee.
    4. Content Management: We are not involved in creating, selecting, or moderating the content generated by users and creators; it is not our duty to monitor content or identify breaches of our terms of service.
    5. User Interactions: Any interaction with suggestions, comments, or instructions from other users or creators is at your discretion and risk.
    6. Revenue Promises: We do not guarantee any specific or any income for creators using Unfiltered.
    7. Content Accuracy: Materials available on Unfiltered are intended for informational purposes only, and we do not warrant their accuracy or that users or creators will attain certain results from utilizing them.
    8. Device Compatibility: We do not assure compatibility with all devices or operating systems; ensuring necessary configurations and antivirus protection is your responsibility.
    9. Internet Availability: We are not responsible for the internet availability or errors arising from your connection, device, or software related to the use of Unfiltered.
    10. Security and Bug Assurance: We cannot guarantee that Unfiltered will be secure or free from bugs or viruses, and have no influence over the content supplied by creators.
    11. Account Security: We are not responsible for compromised, lost, or stolen accounts, passwords, email accounts, or any subsequent unauthorized activities or unauthorized financial transactions.
    12. Content Circulation Post-Deletion: Once your content is posted on Unfiltered, its use by other users or third parties is out of our control. Deleting your account does not necessarily prevent the circulation of your content if it has been captured by others in violation of the terms of service or by third parties before the account deletion.
    In using Unfiltered, you recognize and agree to these limitations on our responsibility.
  10. Intellectual Property Rights – Ownership and Licenses:
    1. Ownership Confirmation: You attest that you either own all the intellectual property rights in your content or have secured necessary permissions to grant licenses for your content on Unfiltered.
    2. Grant of License to Unfiltered: You grant Unfiltered a comprehensive license to utilize your content in various ways that are instrumental to operating the platform. This license allows Unfiltered to, amongst other things, reproduce, display, distribute, and create adaptations of your content.
    3. License Characteristics: The license is:
      1. Perpetual: Remains in effect indefinitely, even if you stop using Unfiltered.
      2. Non-exclusive: You can grant similar licenses to others.
      3. Worldwide: Applicable globally.
      4. Royalty-free: Unfiltered does not need to pay you for using the content.
      5. Sublicensable and Transferable: Unfiltered can grant similar rights to others or transfer the license, potentially in the case of a company sale.
    4. Content Selling Restriction: Unfiltered will not sell your content to other platforms but can transfer the license granted during a business transaction.
    5. Infringement Notifications: You authorize Unfiltered to act on your behalf in notifying third-party platforms about content infringements, although they are not obligated to do this.
    6. Waiver of Moral Rights: You forgo the right to object to derogatory treatment of your content, such as addition of watermarks or text, without affecting your ownership of intellectual property rights in the content.
  11. Linking to and from Unfiltered:
    1. Linking to Unfiltered: You can link to the Unfiltered homepage as long as it's done legally and fairly without suggesting any endorsement from Unfiltered. If you are a creator, promotion of your account should adhere to the terms of service of Unfiltered and any other platform you use for promotion, without impersonation or false claims of endorsement from Unfiltered.
    2. Prohibition of Certain Promotions: You are not allowed to use platforms like Google Ads for promoting your Unfiltered account.
    3. Links from Unfiltered: Links to third-party sites from Unfiltered are for convenience and do not imply endorsement. Unfiltered is not responsible for any issues arising from your use of these linked sites.
    4. This passage essentially outlines how your content can be used by Unfiltered and sets guidelines for linking to and from the Unfiltered website. It helps to delineate the boundaries of content ownership and usage on the platform.
  12. Step-by-Step Account Deletion Process:
    1. Initiating Account Deletion:
      1. Email the Support Team: To initiate the account deletion process, you need to send an email to support@unfiltered.life.
    2. Account Deletion Timeline:
      1. For Users: If you are a regular user, your account will be deleted within a reasonable time after you make the request.
      2. For Creators: If you are a creator, your account will remain active until the last day of your consumers' current subscription period. After this, you will receive your final payment and then your account will be deleted.
    3. Post Deletion:
      1. No Further Charges: You will not be charged any further fees once your account is deleted.
      2. Loss of Access: You will lose access to your account and its content. Any subscriptions you had will also be deleted and cannot be renewed.
      3. Email Confirmation: You will receive an email confirmation once your account has been successfully deleted.
      4. Content Handling: After account deletion, the Unfiltered team can handle your content in any way they see fit as per their privacy policy, which may include deleting it.
      5. No Content Access: You will not have the technical means to access your content on Unfiltered once your account is terminated.
    4. Important Notes:
      1. It is emphasized that users will not be able to access their content after their account has been deleted.
      2. Depending on your role on the platform (User or Creator), the deletion process varies slightly, particularly concerning the timeline and the final payment (for creators).
      3. The email confirmation serves as a formal notification of the successful deletion of your account.
      4. It is advisable to review the privacy policy of Unfiltered to understand how your content may be handled post-deletion.
      Before proceeding with account deletion, ensure that you are aware of all the implications, including the loss of access to your content and the potential removal of your content from the platform.
  13. General Liability:
    1. Unlawful Exclusions Not Permitted: Unfiltered cannot exclude or limit liability in cases where doing so would be unlawful. This includes liability for death or personal injury resulting from negligence, as well as fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation.
    2. If you are a consumer user or creator, you agree to the following: No Liability for Certain Losses: Unfiltered and its affiliates will not be responsible for any loss of profit, business/revenue, business opportunity, or anticipated savings that you incur in connection with your use of the platform.
    3. If you are a business user or creator, you agree to the following:
      1. Exclusion of Implied Terms: All implied conditions, warranties, representations, or other terms that might apply to Unfiltered or its content are excluded, as per the extent allowed by law.
      2. Foreseeable Loss or Damage: Unfiltered is not liable for any loss or damage that was not foreseeable at the time you agreed to the Terms of Service.
      3. Specific Exclusions of Liability: Unfiltered will not be responsible for a wide range of potential issues, including but not limited to:
      4. Your inability to use Unfiltered or its services/features.
      5. Any loss or damage, including those caused by technological attacks, data loss, or copyright infringement by third parties.
      6. Any loss or damage resulting from doxing.
      7. Events Beyond Control: Unfiltered is not liable for failures or delays in fulfilling obligations under the Terms of Service that are caused by events beyond its reasonable control. In such cases, Unfiltered will notify users as soon as possible and take steps to minimize the impact of the delay.
      This section essentially delineates the limits of Unfiltered's responsibility towards its users and creators, stipulating the various scenarios where Unfiltered is not liable for losses or damages incurred by users and creators. It's crucial for users and creators to understand these limitations to avoid unexpected liabilities while using the service.
  14. Understanding and Agreeing to the General Terms:
    1. Enforceability of the Agreement: If any part of the agreement is found to be unenforceable, the rest of the agreement will still be valid and enforceable.
    2. No Waiver of Rights: The failure of Unfiltered to enforce any part of the agreement does not constitute a waiver of the right to enforce that or any other part at a later time.
    3. Reservations of Rights: Unfiltered retains all rights that are not explicitly granted to you in the agreement.
    4. No Implied Rights or Licenses: No rights or licenses are impliedly granted to you, except those expressly mentioned in the Terms of Service.
    5. No Third-Party Rights: The agreement does not confer rights on third parties, except that some provisions (like the limitations of liability in section 14 and terms in section 16) can be enforced by Unfiltered’s affiliated entities and representatives.
    6. Transfer of Your Rights and Obligations: You cannot transfer your rights or obligations under the agreement without getting written consent from Unfiltered.
    7. Transfer of Unfiltered’s Rights and Obligations: Unfiltered can transfer or assign its rights and obligations to others. This might happen in cases of a change in ownership or due to legal requirements. Unfiltered can also delegate its obligations to third parties but remains responsible to you for the performance of such obligations.
    8. Entire Agreement: The Terms of Service represent the complete agreement between you and Unfiltered regarding the use of the service, superseding all previous agreements or understandings (whether oral or written).
    9. This section is basically establishing the foundational terms that govern the agreement between the users/creators and Unfiltered, emphasizing the reserved rights of Unfiltered and setting the parameters for how the agreement can be modified or enforced.
  15. Laws and Jurisdiction Pertaining to Disputes:
    1. For consumers (Users or Creators):
      1. Applicable Law:
        1. The agreement between consumers (either users or creators) and Unfiltered is governed by Swedish law. This law will apply to any claims arising from the agreement or use of Unfiltered.
        2. Consumers also have the protection of the mandatory laws of their country of residence.
      2. Jurisdiction for Claims:
        1. For consumers residing in the UK or the EU: They can bring any claims arising from the use of Unfiltered either in Swedish courts or in the courts of their home country.
        2. For consumers residing outside the UK or the EU: They must bring any claims to the courts of Sweden.
    2. For Business Users or Creators:
      1. Applicable Law:
        1. The agreement between business users/creators and Unfiltered is governed by Swedish law, without consideration of conflicting legal provisions. This law will apply to any claims arising from the agreement or use of Unfiltered.
      2. Jurisdiction for Claims:
        1. Business users/creators agree to bring any disputes or claims arising from the agreement or use of Unfiltered to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Swedish courts.
    3. General:
      1. Limitation Period for Bringing Claims:
        1. Any claim or cause of action regarding Unfiltered must be filed within one year from the date the claim arose or from the date the claimant became aware of the facts leading to the claim, whichever comes first. If not, the claim will be permanently barred, except where prohibited by applicable law.
  16. Various Terms and Policies that Govern the Use of Unfiltered:
    1. Terms of Use for Users: These terms contain additional clauses that apply specifically to users of Unfiltered.
    2. Terms of Use for Creators: These terms contain additional clauses that apply specifically to creators on Unfiltered.
    3. Privacy Policy: This policy is applicable to both users and creators and outlines how Unfiltered handles personal data and other collected information.
    4. Acceptable Use Policy: This policy governs the actions permitted and prohibited on the Unfiltered platform, applicable to both users and creators.
    5. Complaints Policy: This policy outlines the process for lodging a complaint about any aspect of Unfiltered and how those complaints will be handled by the platform.
    6. Platform to Business Regulation Terms: These are additional terms that apply specifically to creators who are based or residing in the European Union or the United Kingdom.
    7. Conflict Resolution between Different Terms:
      1. In case there is a conflict between the general "Terms of Use for all Users and Creators" and any of the specific terms or policies mentioned above (from points 1 to 6), the "Terms of Use for all Users and Creators" will prevail to the extent of the conflict.
Last updated: September 2023
Terms of use for Users

By using our website as a User you agree to these terms – please read them carefully

  1. Scope: These terms are additional and apply specifically to individuals using Unfiltered as Users. They form part of the larger agreement with the platform.
  2. Interpretation: In these Terms of Use for Users, defined terms have the same meanings given to them in the Terms of Use for all Users and Creators. In addition:
    1. “VAT”: Defined as the Swedish Value Added Tax or any similar kind of tax imposed by other jurisdictions.
    2. “Tax”: Includes all forms of governmental charges, levies, etc., whether imposed by Sweden or any other jurisdiction.
  3. Applicable Terms for User: Users must adhere to several policies including:
    1. Terms of Use for all Users and Creators: The overarching terms governing the platform.
    2. Privacy Policy: Details how personal data and collected information is handled.
    3. Acceptable Use Policy: Specifies the do's and don'ts while using the platform.
    4. Complaints Policy: Outlines the process to lodge and address complaints about any aspect of Unfiltered.
    5. Standard Contract between Users and Creator: Governs transactions between users and creators on the platform, though not a part of the agreement with the platform itself.
    6. If a user is also a creator, the "Terms of Use for Creators" will apply.
  4. User Commitments: Users must make certain warranties, including:
    1. Being at least 18 years old, or of a legally binding age as per their respective jurisdiction.
    2. Being able to provide additional information or verification records as required by the platform.
    3. Being permitted by the laws of their location to join Unfiltered and engage with the content and functionalities it offers.
    4. Being capable and willing to make payments for viewing content or using functionalities on Unfiltered where required.
  5. Content - General Terms
    1. User Warranties:
      1. The content posted by the user must adhere to the platform's Terms of Service, including the Acceptable Use Policy.
      2. The user should own the content or have a valid license to use it, ensuring compliance with intellectual property rights.
      3. If the content involves third-party material, the user must secure necessary rights, licenses, and approvals to use such material.
    2. Liabilities:
      1. The user is liable for any breaches of the warranties mentioned and must indemnify the platform for any resultant losses or damages.
    3. Platform's Role:
      1. The platform is not responsible for endorsing or monitoring the content posted by users or creators.
  6. Subscriptions and Purchases by Users or Creators
    1. Consumer Transactions:
      1. Consumer transactions are agreements between consumers and creators, facilitated by the Unfiltered platform, which does not partake in the contracts.
      2. Creators determine the pricing for transactions and content accessibility.
      3. All transactions are priced in USD and are exclusive of VAT, which is added separately.
    2. Payment Processing:
      1. Users need to add a payment card to their accounts to facilitate transactions.
      2. The platform and its subsidiaries may share payment card details with a third-party payment provider to process transactions, all of which are conducted in USD.
      3. Users may incur additional charges, like currency conversion fees, from their payment card providers or banks, for which the platform is not responsible.
    3. Payment Authorization:
      1. Users can add multiple payment cards to their account, with secondary cards serving as a backup if the primary card fails.
      2. The payment provider manages periodic and immediate payments for subscriptions and other transactions, respectively, debiting the user's payment card as authorized.
    4. Subscription Renewal and Cancellation:
      1. Subscriptions, excluding free trials, renew automatically, unless prevented by issues like payment failure or a price increase.
      2. Users can cancel subscriptions, retaining access until the end of the current subscription period, after which no further charges apply and access to the creator's content ceases.
    5. Refund Policy:
      1. Users agree not to make unjustified refund or chargeback requests.
      2. The platform reserves the right to suspend or delete user accounts if they perceive any refund or chargeback requests as made in bad faith.
  7. Account Suspension: In case of account suspension as per the Terms of Service, due Consumer Payments are suspended during the account suspension period.
Last updated: September 2023
Terms of use for Creators

By using our website as a Creator you agree to these terms – please read them carefully

  1. Scope: These terms are additional and apply specifically to individuals using Unfiltered as Creators. They form part of the larger agreement with the platform.
  2. Interpretation: In these Terms of Use for Creators, defined terms have the same meanings given to them in the Terms of Use for all Users and Creators. In addition:
    1. “VAT”: Defined as the Swedish Value Added Tax or any similar kind of tax imposed by other jurisdictions.
    2. “Tax”: Includes all forms of governmental charges, levies, etc., whether imposed by Sweden or any other jurisdiction.
  3. Applicable Terms for Creators: Creators must adhere to several policies including:
    1. Terms of Use for all Users and Creators: The overarching terms governing the platform.
    2. Privacy Policy: Details how personal data and collected information is handled.
    3. Acceptable Use Policy: Specifies the do's and don'ts while using the platform.
    4. Complaints Policy: Outlines the process to lodge and address complaints about any aspect of Unfiltered.
    5. Standard Contract between Users and Creator: Governs transactions between users and creators on the platform, though not a part of the agreement with the platform itself.
    6. Creators residing in the EU or the UK must also adhere to the "Platform to Business Regulation Terms".
    7. If you are also a Consumer, the Terms of Use for Users will also apply to your use of Unfiltered as a Consumer;
  4. Fees Charged to Creators on Unfiltered
    1. Fee Structure: The Unfiltered platform charges creators a fee equal to 20% of all consumer payments made to them. This fee does not include any VAT that might be associated with consumer payments.
    2. Creator Earnings: Creators receive 80% of the consumer payments, exclusive of any VAT, as their earnings from the platform. This portion is referred to as "Creator Earnings".
    3. Usage of the Fees: The 20% fee charged by the platform is utilized to cover the costs associated with maintaining, operating, and providing the Unfiltered platform, including storing the content created by the creators.
    4. Fee Deduction and Payout: The platform's fee (20%) is deducted directly from the consumer payments before the creators receive their payouts. The details of how the creators will be paid their earnings (80%) are described in a section titled "Payouts to Creators".
  5. Setting Up a Creator Account on Unfiltered
    1. Submit ID: Send a valid form of identification to the specified email address (creators@unfiltered.life).
    2. Add Bank Details: On your Creator account page, you need to add the details of your bank account or other payment methods.
    3. Choose Payout Method: On your Creator account page, you need to select one of the payout methods available on Unfiltered to facilitate the transfer of your Creator Earnings.
    4. Additional Information: Depending on your place of residence, you may be required to provide more information.
    5. Adherence to Platform Policies
      1. Verification and Approval: The platform may request additional verification information at any time and has the right to reject your Creator account application for various reasons, including those specified in the passage.
      2. Setting Subscription Fees: After setting up the account, you can determine a subscription fee within the allowed range specified by Unfiltered, if you plan to charge consumers a monthly fee.
      3. Content Upload: Following account setup, you can begin uploading content, allowing consumers to subscribe to your account.
    6. Password Reset: If you lose access to your account, you can reset the password, provided you know the email address associated with the account. If you cannot recall the email, additional identification and evidence may be required to verify your identity and recover the account.
  6. Personal Legal Responsibility of Creators:
    1. Individuals Only: Only individual persons can become Creators on the platform; organizations or entities are not allowed to be Creators.
    2. Binding Terms of Service: Every Creator is personally bound by the platform's Terms of Service.
    3. Personal Liability: Creators remain personally legally responsible for their accounts, even if they have third-party assistance (such as an agent, agency, or management company) in operating their accounts.
    4. Relationship with the Platform: The platform's relationship is solely with the Creator, not with any third-party helping the Creator, emphasizing that the Creator is the entity legally bound to the platform and is responsible for adhering to the terms of service.
  7. Consumer Transactions:
    1. Nature of Contract: All Consumer Transactions are contracts between the Consumers and the Creators, governed by the Standard Contract between Consumer and Creator.
    2. Platform's Role: The platform acts as a facilitator of these transactions, providing the space and means to store content but is not a party in the contract between Consumer and Creator. Hence, it does not take responsibility for the transactions that occur.
    3. VAT: Consumer Payments are subject to VAT, which will be added to the stated prices at the prevailing rate.
    4. Transaction Confirmation: Upon receiving confirmation of a Consumer Transaction from Unfiltered, the Creator must fulfill their part of the transaction (e.g., granting content access or providing customized content).
    5. Indemnification: Creators are obliged to indemnify the platform for any breaches of this obligation, meaning they will be responsible for covering any loss or damage (including lost profits) suffered by the platform due to non-compliance with this obligation by the Creator.
  8. Content – general terms:
    1. Content Confidentiality and Authorization:
      1. Non-confidential Content: Content uploaded by creators is not considered confidential.
      2. Consumer Authorization: Creators authorize consumers to access and view their content on the platform for lawful and personal use, according to the licenses granted to the consumers.
    2. Warranties by Creators: Creators warrant (provide a legally enforceable promise) that their content meets the following criteria:
      1. Compliance with Terms of Service: Content fully complies with the platform's terms of service, particularly the acceptable use policy.
      2. Ownership or Licensing of Content: Creators either own the content (and all related intellectual property rights) or have a valid license to distribute it on Unfiltered.
      3. Usage of Third-Party Material: If the content includes any third-party materials, the creator has secured necessary rights, licenses, consents, and releases for using such material in their content and for its further use and exploitation on the platform.
      4. Content Quality and Description: The content is of satisfactory quality, reasonably suitable for the purposes communicated by the consumer, and matches the creator's description.
    3. Liability and Indemnification:
      1. Liability to the Platform: If any of the warranties provided in section 9(b) are untrue, creators agree to be liable to and indemnify the platform. This means creators will cover any loss or damage (including lost profits) that the platform incurs due to untrue warranties.
    4. Platform's Stance on Content:
      1. No Responsibility or Endorsement: The platform does not take responsibility for, or endorse, any content posted by users or creators on Unfiltered.
      2. No Obligation to Monitor: The platform is under no obligation to monitor any content and does not exert direct control over what content may comprise.
    5. Custodianship of Records:
      1. Record Keeping: Creators agree to act as the custodians of records for the content they upload to Unfiltered.
  9. Advertising on Unfiltered:
    1. Definition: Advertising content refers to any video content uploaded on the creator's account that directly or indirectly promotes third-party goods, services, or image in exchange for payment or other valuable considerations, including self-promotions, sponsorships, and product placements.
    2. Compliance: Creators must comply with the rules outlined in sections 10(b) and 10(c) of the Terms of Use for Creators when posting advertising content.
    3. Creators need to ensure that the advertising content they post:
      1. Does Not Violate Human Dignity: It should not disrespect or prejudice human dignity.
      2. Does Not Promote Discrimination: It must not include or promote discrimination based on various grounds such as sex, racial or ethnic origin, nationality, religion, disability, age, or sexual orientation.
      3. Does Not Encourage Harmful Behaviors: It must not encourage behaviors that are harmful to health, safety, or the environment, and does not cause physical, mental, or moral detriment to anyone.
      4. Does Not Exploit Trust or Persuasion: The content should not exploit individuals' inexperience or credulity to urge them to buy or rent goods or services, nor should it encourage people to persuade others to do the same.
      5. Does Not Showcase Dangerous Situations: It should not unreasonably depict individuals in dangerous situations.
      6. Restrictions on Certain Products: The content must not advertise products like cigarettes, tobacco products, electronic cigarettes, illegal drugs, prescription-only medicines, or facilitate illegal gambling.
      7. Alcohol Advertising: If the content advertises alcoholic drinks, it should not target minors or encourage excessive consumption of alcohol.
    4. Mandatory Disclosure: Creators are required to disclose if their content is advertising content by including the hashtag #ad in the caption before posting or uploading it to Unfiltered.
  10. Co-authored Content:
    1. Warranty about Individuals in Co-Authored Content
      1. Definition: Co-authored content refers to content where individuals other than or alongside the creator appear, regardless of whether these individuals are identifiable or not.
      2. Requirements: The creator guarantees that:
        1. Every individual featured in the co-authored content is either a creator on Unfiltered or an adult who has given their consent.
        2. The creator has verified the identity and age of these individuals and can provide supporting documents if requested by the platform.
    2. Obtaining Written Consent
      1. Necessity of Consent: The creator must obtain and retain written consent from each person appearing in the co-authored content, confirming:
        1. Their explicit, informed, and prior agreement to appear in the content.
        2. Their agreement to have the content where they appear posted on Unfiltered.
    3. Tagging and Collaborative Content
      1. Tagging Requirements: If the content features other individuals who maintain a creator account on Unfiltered the posting creator should tag their accounts, if identifiable.
      2. Joint Authorship: If the content is a joint authorship project, the uploading creator is responsible for obtaining all necessary licenses or consents from co-authors to upload and showcase the content on Unfiltered.
    4. Revenue Sharing and Creator Earnings
      1. Revenue Management: The platform will pay creator earnings only to the account where the co-authored content was uploaded. The uploader is responsible for any revenue distribution among the individuals featured in the content.
      2. Legal Formalities: The uploader may need to furnish legal information of all individuals appearing in the content. Failure to comply might result in deletion of the content or termination of the account, with potential withholding of earnings.
    5. Release of Liability
      1. Waiver of Claims: The creator agrees to release Unfiltered from any claims arising from co-authored content, directing any claims to the creator who posted the content or the individuals who appeared in it.
  11. Payouts to Creators:
    1. Consumer payments are processed by a third-party payment provider approved by Unfiltered.
    2. If creators opt for the Stripe payout method, Stripe will handle the collection of consumer payments and transfer the creator earnings to their bank account.
    3. For payout options other than Stripe, the platform's fee will be deducted from the received consumer payment. The creator earnings are held by Unfiltered or its subsidiary companies.
    4. Creator earnings are updated in the Unfiltered account within a reasonable timeframe.
    5. Withdrawals can be made once the earnings reflect in the account, subject to meeting the minimum payout amount which varies based on the creator's country of residence and chosen payout option.
    6. All transactions are carried out in USD, except for Stripe payouts, where amounts are converted to local currency at Stripe's controlled exchange rate. The creator may incur additional fees for currency conversion or transfer imposed by their bank or e-wallet company.
    7. In case of successful chargebacks or refunds requested by consumers, the platform may deduct an equivalent amount from the creator's earnings.
    8. The platform does not store any data shared during registration with third-party payment providers, barring options involving direct bank transfers.
  12. Circumstances for Withholding Creator Earnings: The platform reserves the right to withhold or forfeit creator earnings due to various reasons including:
    1. Breach or potential breach of the Terms of Service by the creator.
    2. Engagement in unlawful or fraudulent activities.
    3. The imposition of a lien on creator earnings by the creator.
  13. Promoting Tax compliance and VAT: Creators are expected to adhere to local tax and VAT regulations. Specifically, they must:
    1. Report all payments received through Unfiltered to relevant tax authorities.
    2. Comply with all applicable tax laws and regulations.
    3. Notify the platform of any tax non-compliance issues or related investigations promptly and take necessary actions to address them.
    4. Creators are solely responsible for their tax affairs, and the platform is not liable for any advice provided or non-payment of taxes by creators.
    5. The platform may close the creator's Unfiltered account if notified or aware of any tax non-compliance by the creator.
Last updated: September 2023
Acceptable use policy

By using our website you agree to this policy – please read it carefully

These guidelines govern your interaction with Unfiltered and all its materials and constitute a part of the contract between you and us. It delineates the allowed and prohibited behaviors on Unfiltered.

Within these guidelines, certain terms retain their meanings as specified in our Terms of Use for all Users and Creators.

  1. Utilize Unfiltered exclusively for personal purposes; refrain from commercializing, leasing, distributing, or divulging your account or any materials acquired through Unfiltered usage to others.
  2. Operate Unfiltered legally and for lawful purposes only.
  3. Avoid uploading, circulating, showcasing, or disclosing materials on Unfiltered that are unlawful, deceitful, slanderous, malicious, discriminatory, menacing, or inciting violence or any illicit activities.
  4. Refrain from exploiting Unfiltered to jeopardize, harm, or endeavor to jeopardize or harm any individual below the age of 18, such as by exposing them to unsuitable materials.
  5. Prohibit posting materials on Unfiltered that:
    1. Depict or mention any person under the age of 18, or lack written proof verifying that individuals featured or mentioned in your materials are at least 18, along with their explicit consent to include their likeness or names in the materials.
    2. Encourage or advertise prohibited or restricted goods such as weapons, drugs, self-harm actions, inappropriate sexual content, and criminal activities, among others.
    3. Display hate speech or non-consensual explicit content, including manipulated media (like "deepfakes"), or personal data without explicit authorization from the concerned person.
    4. Imply endorsement or licensing by us or any other entity.
    5. Engender distress, annoyance, or offense to others or involves non-consensual commercial promotions or scams.
    6. Utilize Unfiltered to persecute, torment, mistreat, or deceive other users or creators.
  6. Acknowledge and protect creators' intellectual property rights by abstaining from unauthorized distribution of their content.
  7. Avoid any actions that infringe upon ours or others' rights, including intellectual and privacy rights.
  8. Do not falsify affiliations or misuse the personal details or content of others.
  9. Refrain from disseminating spam, fabricated views, or other misleading or low-quality content.
  10. Avoid transmitting pre-recorded materials as livestreams and using clandestine methods to violate these guidelines.
  11. Do not tamper with or attempt to unearth the source code of Unfiltered.
  12. Avoid utilizing Unfiltered in ways that could compromise our system's security or hinder others' usage of Unfiltered.
  13. Refrain from automated data extraction or unauthorized usage of Unfiltered’s trademark and logos, except as permitted in the Terms of Service or with prior consent.
Violations of these guidelines may result in suspension or termination of your account and forfeiture of your earnings, as outlined in the Terms of Service.
Last updated: September 2023
Complaints policy
  1. Introduction: This material delineates our approach to handling complaints. If you are interacting with Unfiltered as a User or Creator, this Complaints Policy is an integral part of the agreement you have with us.
  2. For inquiries regarding Unfiltered, reach out to our support team via email at support@unfiltered.life.
  3. Definition of Terms: Within this Complaints Policy, specific terms retain the meanings assigned to them in the Terms of Use applicable to both Users and Creators. Furthermore, the phrase "business days" refers to any day excluding Saturdays, Sundays, or public holidays in Sweden.
  4. Applicability of the Complaints Policy: Regardless of your status as a User or Creator on Unfiltered, this policy can be utilized to inform us of any complaints you might have concerning Unfiltered.
  5. Submitting a Complaint: In case you have issues with Unfiltered, including concerns about content on the platform or the behavior of a User or Creator, convey your Complaints to support@unfiltered.life. Please include your name, address, contact information, a detailed account of your complaint, and if it concerns specific content, the URL where it can be found.
  6. Handling Complaints Concerning Unlawful or Non-Consensual Content: Upon receiving a complaint about illicit or non-consensual material, as outlined in section 5, we will:
    1. Initiate an appropriate investigation into your complaint in a timeframe suitable to its nature.
    2. Request additional details or documentation from you if necessary.
    3. Conscientiously investigate your complaint within seven (7) business days.
    4. Take prompt action to remove the content if we verify it as unlawful or non-consensual, and inform you of our decision through email or another electronic means.
    5. If we find the content to be lawful, we will notify you accordingly via email.
    6. Disputes about our decisions regarding non-consensual content will be referred to a neutral arbitration entity at our expense.
  7. Addressing Copyright Infringement Complaints: Complaints concerning copyright violations should adhere to our DMCA Policy. We will process these complaints according to the stipulations in that policy.
  8. Managing Other Complaints: In response to other complaints, including those pertaining to violations of our Acceptable Use Policy, as mentioned in section 5, we will:
    1. Undertake necessary steps to investigate your complaint in a timeframe that aligns with its severity.
    2. Contact you for further details or documentation if required.
    3. Act in an unbiased manner to address the concerns raised in your complaint. If content breaches our Acceptable Use Policy, we will expediently remove it.
    4. Note that we are not obliged to disclose the resolution of your complaint.
  9. Prohibition of Unfounded or Malicious Complaints: As a User or Creator on Unfiltered, you are legally bound to avoid lodging complaints that are entirely groundless, malicious, or made with deceptive intentions. A breach of this commitment may lead to the suspension or termination of your User or Creator account.
Last updated: September 2023
Platform to business regulation terms
  1. Introduction: The following terms delineated under "Platform to Business Regulation Terms" are an extension of the Terms of Service.
  2. Interpretation: In the context of these Platform to Business Regulation Terms, unless specified otherwise, the defined terms bear the meanings ascribed to them in the Terms of Use for all Users and Creators.
  3. Applicability: These terms are pertinent exclusively to Creators residing or established in the European Union or the United Kingdom, herein referred to as "you" or "your". Should these terms be applicable to you, they integrate with your existing agreement with us.
  4. Content: This document outlines our adherence to the fairness and transparency standards as prescribed in the EU Regulation 2019/1150, denoted as the "Platform to Business Regulation".
  5. Marketing Through Alternate Channels: We retain the discretion to feature you through our Instagram channel (www.instagram.com/joinunfiltered).
  6. Positioning on Unfiltered: Our platform operates without a ranking system, offering random suggestions of potential Creators for Users or other Creators to follow.
  7. Complaints: In cases where you have complaints pertaining to:
    1. Our suspected non-compliance with obligations dictated by the Platform to Business Regulation that affects you;
    2. Technological impediments directly linked to Unfiltered impacting you; or
    3. Actions or demeanor exhibited by us directly concerning Unfiltered affecting you; kindly forward your complaints to support@unfiltered.life.
  8. Complaint handling process: Upon the receipt of your complaint as described in section 7, we will:
    1. Scrutinize your complaint and determine the necessary steps, including seeking additional information or documentation from you, to address the issue sufficiently;
    2. Endeavour to resolve your complaint within a reasonable period, keeping in mind the gravity and intricacy of the issue highlighted; and
    3. Convey the resolution of the internal complaint-handling process to you in a clear and understandable manner via email.
  9. Both parties are expected to engage in good faith throughout the mediation process. Nevertheless, the mediation efforts do not constrain either party's rights to initiate legal proceedings at any juncture — before, during, or after the mediation — in accordance with the rights enumerated in our Terms of Use for all Users and Creators.
Last updated: September 2023